Monday, March 21, 2011

Shrimp Lasagna Rolls! :)

First of all...Clare, thank you so much for starting this blog! Great idea! It's sometimes tough to find recipes that use "island ingredients." So this is perfect for us cooking girls!

This recipe is super simple and absolutely delish! I made it last week and my man and I loved it. There are a few ingredients in the recipe that I didn't have, so I left them out completely. (nutmeg, fresh basil- I used dried)

Here is the link...



  1. Okay Jen, I am drooling over these!!!! They look so good! Where did you get shrimp?

  2. I used the frozen shrimp I got in Roseau. But I know they have the same kind of frozen shrimp at Picard. Just thaw it before in the fridge.

  3. Perfect -- found shrimp and ricotta at Picard. I made this last night and it turned out so delicious! I added some cooked, chopped spinach (bought a package of frozen spinach from Save-a-Lot) to the ricotta/egg/parmesan/shrimp/basil mixture to give it a little extra veg -- YUM!!!! Charlie love it :)

  4. You can get fresh basil in roseau too!

  5. yummy! can't wait to try this one out.