Saturday, October 22, 2011

Avocados done by Tracy

When we were given avocados for the first week I knew I needed to do our salad. We love the avocados here on the island and besides just eating them plain this it what we do to them. I hope you enjoy!
I didn't write portions, because it just depends how big you want your salad. I also make lots of the bean mixture so we can have burritos the next day. I forgot that sometimes I add corn to the salad as well. You can leave something off or add what you want, this is just how we like it. 

Cook the rice. Heat the tomatoes and beans (corn too if your adding it) in a large pot. I drain the beans but leave the juice from the tomatoes otherwise its a little watery.

Place tortilla in a large bowl. Sorry our bowls aren't cute, hey one isn't even a bowl!

Add chopped lettuce,


hot bean mixture,


onions (I grilled them this time, but raw is good too).

Finish off with avocado, sour cream, ranch and hot sauce.

Eat 'til its gone! Easy!

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